Erasure News - Andy Bell's Manager Paul Hickey Dies

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Erasure News - Andy Bell's Manager Paul Hickey Dies

Postby admin » Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:05 pm

Here is a news I just recieved from Esraure Newsletter:

Usually it's a fairly pleasurable process, putting a newsletter together, but this one has been rather different. To be honest I've been staring at a blank screen for ages not quite knowing how to start, so I guess I need to start at the beginning...

On Wednesday afternoon Paul Hickey passed away after a long battle with illness. Paul was Andy Bell's manager and former partner, and was an incredibly important part of the Erasure story from the very beginning. Last year he published a book - 'Sometimes - A Life of Love, Loss & Erasure' - which I know many of you bought, read and enjoyed. The book is a very honest account of Paul's life, and while it didn't shy away from some of his darker times it celebrated the good times with such warmth, intimacy and good humour that reading the book was like making a new friend.

I consider myself very lucky to have been able to work with Paul, a kind, gentle, gregarious spirit and a lovely man. In addition to working together on various Erasure and Andy Bell projects, I got to know him best by working with him on his book - proof-reading and fact-checking it, sorting through the pictures he wanted to use, and designing the cover of it - which was a wonderful way of getting to know him in a different way. I will also fondly remember his panicked phonecalls on the many occasions when he 'broke' the internet or needed to recall messages he'd rashly posted online and then reconsidered! All of these things were accompanied by a lot of laughs, and usually by some entirely inappropriate jokes. Paul was fun to work with and, in addition to being a colleague, I hope he wouldn't mind me describing us as friends. I will miss him.

We've set up a guestbook on Paul's website for any messages of condolence you might like to send, in the meantime I'm sure you will all join me in extending my deepest sympathy to those Paul has left behind; his family, his friends and his loved ones.

Andy has also asked me to send his thanks to everyone who has already sent messages of sympathy.

Paul Hickey, RIP. Always.

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